Common Refrigerator Problems And Their Solutions

The Refrigerator has become a necessity in today’s life and no one can imagine life without a refrigerator in summers. So as summers have arrived, we look at some common faults for which refrigerator repair can be done at home only without any technical assistance. We look at some of the most common problems faced in fridges and for which refrigerator repair can be done with some simple fixes.  Some common problems faced by consumers are:

  1. Causing A Lot Of Noise

If your refrigerator is causing a lot of noise, it could be that the motor fan now needs replacement and has suffered major wear and tear. This will also decrease the cooling of your fridge.

  1. Leaking

If your refrigerator has a leaking problem. Chances are that the water inlet valve has some problem. This provides the refrigerator with water and ice and the probability of this needing a replacement is high.

  1. Not Switching On

If your refrigerator doesn’t switch on then you should analyze relay capacitor as well as temperature control. You shall also check the electronic control board for any problem.

  1. Not Giving Proper Cooling

Refrigerators are meant to keep the food cold and if the fridge isn’t doing its task properly than it is none of your use. If a refrigerator is unable to provide sufficient cooling you shall replace air damper, baffle and even the diffuser to bring cold air back into the fridge.

  1. Ice Maker Failing To Make Ice

If your Refrigerator is unable to produce ice you should first check the water supply and then inspect the filter as well as the inlet valve which is present at the back of the fridge.

  1. Refrigerator Runs Too Long

A Refrigerator is controlled by a defrost heater and a defrost timer. If a situation arises in which your fridge runs for long hours understand time to replace both of these components has arrived.

  1. Refrigerator Is Too Cold

The only case in which a Refrigerator may become too cold is when it has a damaged air inlet damper. You should also check the temperature sensor and the control board as a precaution.

  1. The Fridge Is Unable To Dispense Water

If your Refrigerator is dispensing water you ought to inspect for any damage to water inlet valve or the water dispenser actuator.

These were few commonly faced problems by fridge owners for which Refrigerator repair can be done at home only.

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