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Voltas is India's largest air conditioning company, and one of the world's premier engineering solutions providers and project specialists. Sourcing, installation and servicing of diverse technology-based systems serving Indian industry through representation of global technology leaders. Voltas is a production of Tata group which is involved in the manufacturing of the Home appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators etc. The scorching heat of the Indian summer is unbearable and dreadful as it lasts for nearly three months. Fans and coolers no longer seem to solve the problem of providing respite to the people from the relentless fury of the scorching heat and humidity during the summer months. It’s here Air Conditioners have come across as a boon thanks to their ability to cool the environment around while ensuring at the same time cleaner air that is able to circumnavigate the entire building.

Voltas manufacturing different types of electronic devices like Refrigerators (Fridges), Air Conditioners (AC), Water Cooler and Water Purifier. Due to the long and dry summer season, India has seen a rapid rise in the number of air conditioner users. Voltas ACs is favored due to their ability to provide consistent quality performance, sleek contemporary designs, energy efficiency and high cooling capacities. There are numerous Air Conditioner brands in India today. To get the best out of Air Conditioners constantly, it’s advisable that Air Conditioners get regular tune-ups to run properly. Many offer a sea of choices at absolutely affordable prices. Among the Air Conditioner brands, Voltas Air Conditioners tops the chart as far as market popularity is concerned. Without regular maintenance, an Air Conditioner is said to lose about 5% of its original efficiency for each year of operation.

The Indian AC major Voltas is the most favourite AC brand of Indian people. It is offered by an Indian conglomerate – the Tata Group. The product is manufactured by Voltas Limited, a subsidiary of the Tata Group, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Voltas AC service center present in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

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